S5E36 – The Old Man of Monterey Bay

The Old Man of Monterey Bay

The Loremen return to the good old U S of America.

Inspired by a gift from a listener, the boys head to Monterey Bay, CA, and tangle with a whole bunch of sea beasts. (Or should that be school? Pod? Flock? What is the collective noun for aquatic cryptids?) We meet the monkey-faced Old Man of Monterey (AKA Bobo) and some real-life red-haired sea serpents.

So join us, under the sea! It’s enchanting!*

*Yes that is a veiled Back To The Future reference. Yes, James wrote this blurb.


The Loremen are Alasdair Beckett-King & James Shakeshaft.

This episode was edited by Joseph Burrows – Audio Editor.

Featured image from English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs, 1895.

Music from La Lettre De Manon Valse played by Megone’s Orchestra, 1905.




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