Greetings, wanderer…

Loremen is a podcast about local legends and obscure curiosities from days of yore. Join James Shakeshaft, Alasdair Beckett-King & guest comedians as we “investigate” forgotten folklore. You don’t have to start at the beginning, you can listen in any order. With some help from our listeners, we’ve selected a few instalments to get you up to speed.

Episodes of Loremen are like our children. These are our favourites.

Brother Jucundus, with Amy Gledhill

Amy Gledhill (her off the telly) joins the Loreboys to delve into the story of York’s original party animal: Brother Jucundus. He was a monk-about-town who took a little more of the holy spirit than was good for him.

The London Monster

A flesh and blood monster stalks the streets of London, causing bloodshed and mass hysteria. Meet innocent victims, scurrilous liars and the 18th Century’s greatest prankster.

The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary

Can lambs be vegetables? You might think the answer is “no”. And you would be right. James Shakeshaft plays against type by offering up a story that’s very nearly historically accurate.

Captain Thicknesse

We delve into the peculiar life of Captain Thicknesse, an English eccentric and the inventor of the internet flame war.

William Adams, the First Englishman in Japan Part 1

We follow what must be one of history’s most meandering and malodorous sea voyages. It’s the journey of William Adams, history’s most notorious penguin-eater.