Greetings, wanderer…

Loremen is a podcast about local legends and obscure curiosities from days of yore. Join James Shakeshaft, Alasdair Beckett-King & guest comedians as we “investigate” forgotten folklore.

Episodes of Loremen are like our children. These are our favourites:

S1 E8: The Lambton Worm and Saint Kenelm

In the final episode of Loremen Series 1, our intrepid hosts tackle the Lambton Worm and uncover murder on the mean streets… of Winchcombe.

S3 E1: Santes Dwynwen and Gelert (feat. Jenny Collier)

Jenny Collier joins the Loremen in a Valentine’s Day Special: tales of star-crossed lovers from Wales. Also featuring the world’s biggest lovespoon.

S3 E1: Gef the Talking Mongoose (feat. Pierre Novellie)

Pierre Novellie joins the Loremen to impart his Manx wisdom. Pierre’s home, the Isle of Man, once played host to Gef the Talking Mongoose.