S3E28 – The Three Ghosts

The Three Ghosts

Alasdair invites you into his ‘psychomanteum’ to hear a triptych of ghostly tales.

James Shakeshaft plays against type by offering up a story that’s very nearly historically accurate.

  • You want a ghost to get bullied by schoolboys? You got it!
  • You want a ghost who steals hats? No problem!
  • You want a ghost on skates chatting to a hip vicar? Weirdly specific. But yes, we have that too.

Do we need to mention we’ve come up with a new detective series concept? Because we blooming well have.


The Loremen are Alasdair Beckett-King & James Shakeshaft.

Featured image from The Haunted Homes and Family Traditions of Great Britain, John Ingram, 1897.

Music from La Lettre De Manon Valse played by Megone’s Orchestra, 1905.




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