S3E65 – The Isle of Thanet

The Isle of Thanet

Ah, the Isle of Thanet! A place of great antiquity. Some say its name comes from “Ynys Thanatos” – the Isle of the Dead – a folkloric curio which James totally neglects to mention, and instead spends most of the episode talking about rollercoasters.

But the ups-and-downs of Thanet don’t end there. We also have an over-hyped hero, a touchy ghost and someone called Erminburga. Plus at least one “fun fact” and minimum two murdered princes. (The standard Loremen ratio.)


The Loremen are Alasdair Beckett-King & James Shakeshaft.

Featured image from The Isle of the Dead, 1890, Max Klinger after Arnold Böcklin.

Music from La Lettre De Manon Valse played by Megone’s Orchestra, 1905.




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